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Benefits of FACTORING

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  • Receive immediate cash for eligible invoices.      
  • Acquire a constant source of working capital to help fund your business growth.
  • Fund new lines of products or services.
  • Provide a source of capital at the same rate as sales growth, with predictable cash flow and take advantage of cash buying opportunities.
  • Replace frozen assets with CASH, giving your business a stronger financial outlook.
  • Reduce the daily stress of trying to meet cash flow needs and concentrate on running your business and making it grow .
  • When you factor, you are not increasing your debt and there are NO monthly payments. You are selling an invoice (an asset) and getting cash up front for a percentage of the face value of your invoice. This leaves the waiting for payment to us, allowing you to grow your business.
  • Factoring allows you more control over your cash flow by letting you decide which invoices to sell and when to sell them. You can sell us as many invoices as you need to.