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Approval Process

     1 - You submit an application for us to review
     2 - When approved, you send us the invoice (accounts receivable) that you want to sell
     3 - Once all of our requirements are met, we write you a check within 24 hours


Unlock Your Assets

     Factoring is the purchase of accounts receivable, (ie: your invoices), for immediate cash. 

     Factoring is NOT a loan, it is immediate cash for the sale of an invoice that you own. 

     Factoring allows you to use the funds that you receive without any limitations! 

3 Steps to get CASH for your invoice!

     1 - You sell us an invoice
     2 - We advance a % of the total amount of the invoice and hold the balance in reserve
     3 - Once the invoice is paid, we send you the reserve minus our nominal fee

​What is FACTORING and how does it work?